Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This little Lauren went to market....

A while ago I registered as a seller at the King George Square Suitcase Rummage. It was a lovely, if not rainy, day (we were undercover though, yay!)and it was a little bit exciting for me to actually try and sell things I'd made. The uber talented Lauren Carney and I set up our blankets and suitcases, and settled in for a fun day of catchups and sellings.

I didn't have enough time to make a huge amount of anything, but the things I had to sell were quite nice I think! I made postcards from my rainbow animal girls, and some brooches with my own artwork.

But my favourite creations were these guys - my 'famous monster' softies. In the week before the Rummage I was able to complete two Loch Ness Monsters, one Big Foot and one Kraken. My wonderous sister Katherine helped me out so very much by making Godzilla, not to mention making the pattern for Kraken, cutting and glueing brooches and giving me much needed guidance along the way with the other softies! Soon enough we'll be able to get creating again and make more of these friends to sell at the next market, and on Etsy!

Oh and how did I do? I sold a few postcards, brooches seemed to sell everytime I left the stall in Lozza's charge (she's a good saleswoman!), Kraken was swept up almost instantly and cuddled for hours while we chatted with his new owner, and Godzilla was admired lovingly by a lass who thought she shouldn't spend money...when she left her boyfriend raced back, bought it on the sly and was no doubt showered with kisses and hugs upon his return.


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