Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chocolate mermaids and things to be done

I recently decided to enter a recipe in to the lovely blog - They Draw and Cook. It hasn't been published online yet, I'll be sure to link it to here when I do, as it will make me feel famous! My recipe was Choc Mint Mermaid Brownies, and below is the lovely lady who advertised them.

I've also been asked by my friend of many years, Alicia, to do some artworks for her three little daughters' bedrooms! The themes? Dinosaurs, princesses, fairies, horses, butterflies and flowers! YAY!!! I'm very excited to get these underway. I'm thinking I'll do them in the same style as my animal girls....simple colour schemes with lots of nice textures - your thoughts?

I'm also visiting my lovely niece Elara's kindergarten and drawing up a bit of a poster mural for them to paint...it's going to be farmyard themed so that will be great! And finally I'm possibly painting a mural for the mother's room at church. So far it looks like it will be underwater themed, but I'm going to see if I can push for a woodland....deer, rabbits, flowers, lanterns and beautiful birds! Now doesn't that seem soothing?
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