Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Many many months ago I joined the online art community of where, you guessed it, artists from all across the world draw, paint, discuss, learn and enjoy concept art.

The forum I joined for was CHOW which is a weekly forum where a Character Description is posted and it is up to individuals to draw and paint this character it whatever way they imagine it, while sticking to the brief. I love this forum. I've only entered it twice, and I haven't actually finished either time, so I've never made it to the voting stage. But one day I will, if only I could find more time, or need less sleep!

Anyway here are my unfinished pieces. Marie Antoinette and a redesign of the 8-Bit character Splash Woman.


  1. ohhhh looking good lozza!
    marie antonette turned out so well!
    i love her beautiful dress!
    and the fish lady = awesomeness!

    did you miss the deadline my love?
    you poor thing :(

  2. I've been a lurker on Concept Art for a loong time X3 Its worth it as an creativity booster even if I've never finished a drawing in time X3 I drew for CHOW little mermaid and Creature of the week once where you drew from a sound clip.


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