Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ye Olde (and totally awesome) Medieval Tournament

Last Saturday was the Abbey Museum Medieval Tournament and like last year, it was absolutely fantastic!

My lovely friend Stacie and I spent many many many hours making our dresses (at least three full days, I'm talking 9am-11pm sewing...with food breaks of course!). It made us think how much work it would have been in Medieval times....weaving your own fabric, hand stitching everything...gah! But I think our efforts paid off, we felt like very pretty ladies in waiting (next year we're going to try and climb the class system and be queens!)

It was a beautiful day, and everyone looked so good! Observe, the Tregenza clan of Cornwall.

Things I learnt?

1) Keeping up with my nieces is far more difficult than usual when wearing a 3kg dress

2) A pig on a spit takes almost all day to cook through, and makes me hungry

3) Medieval food is amazing

4) Dancing with big sleeves is a lot of fun

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