Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pemberley and Princesses

Yay costume time again! Two of my lovely friends and I went to Abbey Museum's Picnic at Pemberley a few weeks ago, and it was just wonderful! We dressed up like English ladies...

Sampled delicious delicacies...

Danced a jig around the maypole...

And played a round of croquet...

The weekend after that I had the pleasure of attending a Disney themed 21st party. The birthday girl Teneka had been having trouble finding a costume, so in the week leading up to her big night, I made her a Cinderella inspired dress. As there was a time constraint, it's not the best costume I've ever created, but she looked beautiful and was absolutely thrilled with it!

I had one morning to make my costume, so I decided on something very simple, but pretty! I often go as villains, so it was really nice being able to go as a princess for once, even if it was in her 'peasant' outfit (I like this one more anyway!) So, with my red hair covered by a gorgeous blonde wig, black corset laced over a white blouse and totally quick grey skirt sewn, I became Briar Rose (as Sleeping Beauty/Aurora is known before she discovers she's a princess!)Pictured here with Jess, who looked AMAZING as Ursula!


  1. Oh wow, it looks like you had so much fun at picnic and party - and you look so amazing too. And the dress you made for the birthday girl is just wow. I'm in awe!

    And, I just wanted to say thank you for leaving such lovely comments on our blog :)

  2. oh gosh, lozza,
    you and your fanciful adventures make me smile.
    you always have such fun. golly.
    p.s the birthday girls dress looks amazing. no joke. you did so well x


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