Sunday, November 22, 2009

A little touch of colour in our lives

A significant title for a fairly insignificant's some shots of Maera coloured, though not set into her backgrounds

Oh yeah..had some issues with toonboom for that second shot...thus the black bit of hair...I wanted to hit the computer in frustration so for now, I'm leaving it haha

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Barber, A Baker, A Hairdresser

I had another belated Halloween party to go to last Saturday, so I've had a very busy last two weeks. I made the Cabaret Vampire costume and then as soon as that was finished, had these 3 costumes to do!

I made everything for my costume from scratch (including the fingers in the pie) except the corset and gloves. The boys' costumes were pieced together with stuff from op shops, Sweeney's vest was once a suede jacket which I cut up and attacked with sandpaper and wood polish. I styled and cut Edward's wig, and did all of our makeup.

I'm reeeeaaaaallllly happy with how it all came out, I think we looked great!
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