Monday, April 4, 2011

Productive Monday

I've stopped working at the office on Mondays. I stopped on the condition that I would get art work/costumes/crafty things done on the day instead. Sometimes I use them for other chores that I haven't had a chance to get to. Today was a success I believe.

My filthy car was cleansed of all rubbish, clothes, shoes and Up'n'Go containers (there were 5 in the door), vacuumed, scrubbed, pressure rinsed and sprayed with pina colada air freshener from the car wash mmm.

My very messy and dusty room was purged of all it's rubbish, clothes, dirt, cat food (my kitten is a messy eater it seems) and tissues...soo many tissues. I even pulled my bed out and cleaned underneath, huzzah!

Finally I got another picture for Alicia completed. I drew this the other night while watching tv with my sister, but all colouring was done in the last 3 hours :D

Now, I think an early night is an order!

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