Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Nikki...

For her youngest daughter, Alicia requested a flower, and let me know that the room was black and gold. I went on a bit of a glow overload with all of Nikki's pictures, this one is no exception. The three pictures will be framed separately but displayed as seen here.

When I thought of 'glowing flower' I immediately thought of Tangled, and then had a minor freak out that everyone would think I'd just copied it. So even though a lily (the flower they used in Tangled) is my favourite and would have been my choice, I made a conscious effort to not use one, and instead used inspiration from the iris, tulip and calla lily. I'm actually happy with how it came out!


  1. Hey Lauren!

    I <3 this! Your work is blossoming just like this illustration! I didn't think of Tangled at all! For me, the atmosphere feels like it is part of a hidden paradise somewhere like Shangri-La <3 The humming bird is soooooo cute!!


  2. Hi Makoto! Aw thank you so much, I'm so glad you like it :D

  3. hot damn someone has been a busy bee!
    i adore the way your birds turned out lozza - i had know idea you were so supercallafragelisticexbialladociously clever.
    the little birds blow my mind! i luff them! x

  4. gorgeous! love the birds too, beautiful!


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