Monday, April 12, 2010

We all have our obsessions.....

For those that know me, you would know that I very easily become obsessed with things, be it a book, a movie, some music or a particular clothing/makeup item. I will spend hours upon hours reading and re-reading a book I love, and then another few hours having in depth conversations with friends about it. I will see a movie 4-5 times at the cinema and then watch it repeatedly when it comes out on dvd. I will listen to a particular song or album constantly, often to the disdain of my family (I understand...not everyone can listen to the same 6 songs over and over for a week or more.)

Some of these I feel are deserving of my rampant love, others I admit make me feel a little ashamed.

Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara for instance, in all their Southern, amazingly written and well realized glory should never have been bundled in with the likes of Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl, yet in my crazed mind, they are found equally obsession-worthy.

And I have come to rue my days of swooning over vampire Edward, but seek solace in my good taste for Colin Firth's Mr Darcy.

I have never, ever regretted the many many viewings of Love Actually and Moulin Rouge, nor do I feel any shame for being able to quote line for line at least 4 Disney Classics. My latest makeup obsession (deep red lipstick) has me hearing only compliments and I've been quite joyous to revisit the old obsession with The Backstreet Boys since going to their concert (lame, I know, but so very fun!)

So, what is the actual point of this post? It's to introduce a few blogs I will be doing! I'm going to share with those few that follow, a snippet of the things I LOVE! Past and present loves will feature, by subject I think. My first will be on soundtracks and instrumental right now, there is one constantly playing in my mind, when I can't be actually listening to it....

Until next time.

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