Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I LOVE ~ Film Scores

The first of my I LOVE blogs!

So, in the past week and a half, I've seen How To Train Your Dragon 3 times, with another viewing scheduled on Saturday. Clearly, I love it. I could rave for hours about the movie, (and trust me, my animator friends and I have done just that) but today I'm featuring some of the music from it, because it's BEAUTIFUL. I'll be including some old favourites from other films as well. So ready your computer's time for some scores!

It's really hard for me to pick just three musical pieces from Dragon, so I highly recommend going and listening to the whole album, but for now this will do.

How to Train Your Dragon: Test Drive - ahh bagpipes....

How To Train Your Dragon: Forbidden Friendship - give it time, it builds up really beautifully!

How To Train Your Dragon: Romantic Flight - awww

The Lion King: King of Pride Rock - my very favourite piece of music from my very favourite movie. I used the actual movie for the's all so beautiful and always without fail, makes me cry

Slumdog Millionaire: Latika's Theme - simple yet really, really beautiful

Peter Pan: Fairy Dance - a favourite while dancing with my nieces.

Peter Pan: Flying - uplifting and fun, with just a dash of 80's style synth ;p

Love Actually: PM's Love Theme - I feel so triumphant and joyous when I listen to this! Go Hugh Grant go!

That'll do for now...I could keep going and going, but no one wants that.


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