Sunday, August 28, 2011

For those left behind...

It feels like I never have time to draw anymore. This isn't true, as I am still getting some done, and compared to most, I'm drawing A LOT. But it still feels like I'll never have enough time. Time to finish commissions (sorry Jess, I'll get there eventually!)Time to finish my watercolour and ink series inspired by Panic! that I absolutely adore and yet never get round to. Time to draw new and wonderful things, or draw more mermaids because I now have a fabulous fish book. And in with all those projects, there's all the half finished, hardly started pictures, or other that only need the smallest amount of effort to be complete and yet they are forgotten or pushed aside.

This post is to have them on display in an effort to remind myself for when all that drawing time I'm hoping for becomes readily's hoping

The cool thing about doing this was I actually found one that WAS finished! Ha!


  1. Hope you get some finished tomorrow!! These all look great :-)

  2. Excellent work. I find I haven't time to draw like I used to either. You probably just need to set aside some time each week to work on them.

  3. Sterling work Miss T! I really like the hedge-fairy, the second green and brown one. Awesome line-work and a fantastic corsety costume all-in-all.


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