Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lanterns or roses?

I made cupcakes for my best friend Kirsty's birthday, and was quite impressed with how they looked in this photo. Afterwards I realised they reminded me of the beautiful floating lanterns in Tangled...*love love love love love*

Others said they looked like a rose...

Kirsty just thought they looked delicious...

She was right.


  1. So pretty! What piping tip did you use?

  2. Heehee I got it from someone super rad.
    Um it was just my large star piping tip...

  3. Lauren, these cupcakes look FREAKING AMAZING! The icing IS A ROSE! Holy Moly. You just made everything in my fridge and cupboard no longer a potential afternoon snack! hehehe

  4. Thanks Emily!! But oh no, I hope you found some sort of snackage!!


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