Sunday, April 12, 2009

The far

As this film is going to be experimental and isn't based on a script there's not really going to be a time when I have to pin down a story. But it's good to have a basic idea of what I want to happen in the small space of 2.5mins.

The whole basis of this idea was that i could just create something beautiful and flowy, set it to music, have Maera dance, and it would all be beautiful. But I just couldn't help developing just the smallest bit of storyline to help it along. SO! I'm kinda taking an approach where Maera is creating the sea life around her so that she can dance with them. I think the actual creating bit will be really lovely if I can do it. I've drawn out how i think some of the animation would go, but I'm yet to quickly test it in flash just to see. But here's a very rough picture of Maera creating a jellyfish.

There will be more to come, hopefully some rough animation tests to get the idea across, stay tuned

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