Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pelagus Puella

Sea Maiden. Sooo....Phoenix is no longer happening at this present time, instead I will be doing a short (around 2.5 mins) musical, sometimes choreographed piece featuring a mermaid, hooray!!!

The great thing about it is it doesn't particularly have to have a story, it's going to be mainly an exploration of music, choreography and dance in the beautiful world of the ocean. The hardest part so far is creating my mermaid. Generally not something I struggle with, but as she needs to be animatable, I have to cut alot of my usual detail...but as Liam pointed out, there can be moments where she is very detailed and then she can easily be blurred as she shifts through the water, becoming one with it etc.

Anyway, I have many more ideas running through my mind but for now here's my first concept of her....she's not based on any particular fish like I usually do...I'll go into the reasoning for this design next post.

I love how her eyes are totally crooked :S


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