Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stages of a Phoenix

These are just some very rough concepts of my phoenix for my Honours Film. Going by the script I have at the moment, Phoenix has 6 main stages of development, beginning as a tiny flame that's hardly bird shaped at all, growing larger and slightly more bird like each time it comes into contact with flames. Stage 5 is the most 'phoenix-like' as I see any case it's the one I enjoy drawing the most. The final stage will ultimately just look like a giant firestorm with somewhat bird like shapes and movements.
Also while doing these I'm starting to see that watercolour might not be the best medium for the phoenix, though i would still like to use them for the backgrounds. Digital would be quicker and more controllable, and it would also create a brightness to the phoenix against watercolours which would serve it's purpose well.....something to ponder and experiment with...

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